The Spiritual Exercises

Tab will take you to The Spiritual Exercises translated into English by Louis J. Puhl, SJ. The Exercises are marked by paragraph numbers, which are the same for every translation. On this site, the paragraph numbers appear in parentheses: for instance, (014) means paragraph 14. If the number is the color red, such as (014), this indicates that there is imbedded commentary for this paragraph. Click on the number and a pop-up window will appear with commentary. At the bottom of the selected commentary is a “read more” button. This will take you to the Commentary section of the site which contains multiple selections of commentary for that specific paragraph. Some comments apply to more than one paragraph and so will appear in multiple locations.

The Perspectives

Tab will take you to video and audio commentary divided according to which part of the Exercises it addresses.

The Commentary

Tab will take you to the full commentary beginning with “Home” which takes you to all the commentary from the beginning or you can click on a particular part of the Exercises, such as Principle and Foundation, where you can view all the commentary for that part.

The Reflections, Themes, and Prayers

Tab provides a menu to additional material related to the Exercises. As with the commentary, this material is divided according to the section of the Exercises it addresses.

Community Table

Tab takes you to a landing page to share ideas, comments, and conversation about the Exercises, Ignatian spirituality, and other related topics. You will need to register with a user name, password, and email address to join the conversation.


The tab takes you to a section that showcases images of St. Ignatius, photos related to his life and to the Holy Land, and images to enhance prayer and meditation.

Additional Resources

Tab lists numerous books and websites we have found helpful in the study and application of the Spiritual Exercises. Here you will find links to books, articles, websites, and other resources related to the Spiritual Exercises.

If you have comments or questions related to the content or functionality of the Spiritual Exercises Online, please send us an email at:

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